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Christian Cars is pleased to offer TerraClean

Patented fuel decarbonising technique that actually improves your vehicle performance and economy, and increases the life of engine components. This superior technology gives your car an instant boost that you'll notice after the very first service. Call us at Christian Cars today for TerraClean in Woldingham, Caterham. TerraClean was discovered by accident, by a group of Canadian scientists who were attempting to develop an affordable zero-emissions engine. The group did manage to create a working engine, but it proved to be far too expensive to build and operate to use in personal and commercial vehicles. Something great did come out of the research, however, as they were able to use the technology to develop TerraClean, a fuel decarbonising technique that has some unique benefits. TerraClean is so effective it's already in use at more than 13,000 locations in North America, and there is now a small but growing number of locations in the UK, which collectively have serviced around 70,000 vehicles!

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Terra Clean servicing takes around 60 to 90 minutes!

What is TerraClean?
TerraClean is a unique system that is far superior to pour-in products, because it can do something that the pour-ins can't: it doesn't just clean intake valves and fuel injectors, it also cleans post-combustion engine components. This is something that current pour-in products just can't do. It's the special combination of highly refined fuels together with the patented TerraClean equipment that allows the system to work as effectively as it does.TerraClean is a fuel decarbonising technique that has revolutionised this kind of technology. Most fuel decarbonising techniques involve adding a chemical to existing fuel, but TerraClean is different. Instead of adding a decarbonising chemical to fuel, the vehicle is taken in for periodic TerraClean servicing. The vehicle is connected up to special patented TerraClean equipment that uses special processes and refined fuels to remove the buildup of carbon and other matter from the engine.
How it works
Essentially, what TerraClean does is cleans your vehicle's engine by removing carbon and other chemicals that are deposited as a by-product of the combustion process. Carbon depositions affect your engine's performance, reduce the miles-per-gallon your car can achieve, and shorten the life of many engine components. Over time these effects mean you're paying more to keep your car running, and reducing the lifespan of your engine.
Why you should Terra Clean Service your car
By using TerraClean, your car's engine gets a deep clean that helps your vehicle burn fuel more cleanly and efficiently. The engine has more power and doesn't have to work as hard to get the job done, and since it's working more efficiently your MPG improves too. TerraClean is good for the environment, too, because it reduces carbon emissions, not just for petrol engines but for diesel engines too. Virtually all vehicles can benefit in this way, from motorbikes and agricultural machinery to taxis and commercial vehicles as well as private cars. Key Benefits of a TerraClean Service
At Christian Cars, we're always on the lookout for new ideas and technology that will provide our customers and their vehicles with additional benefit. That's why when we heard about TerraClean, we added it to the Christian Cars service line-up without delay. Check out all these amazing benefits of the TerraClean service:


What is Terra Clean?
TerraClean is a North American owned brand name associated principally with a suite of equipment, utilised for decarbonising Internal Combustion engines – of all kinds. Here in the UK the services are available via a network of over 500 Approved centres & mobile technicians. The most commonly recognised service is the preventative maintenance process which removes carbon and other lacquers which build up within your engine, thus restoring vehicle efficiency, improving MPG, reducing harmful emissions and prolonging the life of certain components.
Can You Terra Clean Any Vehicle?
Yes, we do almost all vehicles. From a Motorcycle, Car, Van, HGV, Bus, Agricultural and Marine engines. There are a few exceptions which we can not do, but your local service centre/engineer will confirm when you arrange to book your vehicle in. We have now TerraCleaned (Jan 2018) over 100,000 vehicles including, motorcycles, family cars, sports cars, vans, trucks, buses, boats (outboard & inboard engines), jet skis, mini generators, and gen-sets, plant & machinery; excavators.
What Do Terra Clean Service Agents Actually Do ?
The first and most important factor is that all Authorised TerraClean Service engineers have been trained by ourselves. This ranges from the standard initial training to use the equipment, but progresses through to high level diagnostic training to ensure they have a good understanding of why DPF blockages occur. We train technicians to understand how to unblock the unit and far more importantly to identify the cause of the blockage and how to resolve that problem so blockage does not simply re-occur. TerraClean technicians utilise their knowledge to identify the best solution from the portfolio available to provide service to your vehicle, in consultation with yourself. Many of our TerraClean service centres and mobile technicians offer full vehicle service facilities so this can be done when you are having the car given its routine service. Many may already be known to you as they have been servicing vehicles for many years and simply added TerraClean with a limited range of other services and some are 100% TerraClean. All of our technicians are experienced knowledgeable vehicle technicians. The equipment is not for sale to enthusiastic amateurs. We do not own any of the service network. They are all independent businesses which have bought the equipment from ourselves, been trained by ourselves and are provided with the authorised consumables and technical support by ourselves.
Is Terra Clean Any Better Than The Pour-In I Have Been Using For Years ?
Yes. TerraClean is a unique system for cleaning. It is not just about the chemistry, TerraClean uses patented technology to clean from injectors – through the combustion process and cleans post combustion too. Thus cleaning through EGR and DPF. Good pour in products are very capable of cleaning intake and injectors but not post combustion. This also applies to other equipment based cleaners on the market place, which claim to clean the entire system they do not employ our unique patented formulation and technology, they are principally only cleaning intake and injection not full system and all-important post combustion components including key sensors are not cleaned at all. During a standard TerraClean service the equipment is attached to the vehicle and takes over as the fuel supply for the vehicle, using a highly refined fuel, coupled with the technology of the equipment.
Can A Terra Clean Service Damage My Vehicle ?
The simple answer is “no”. A TerraClean service is using a highly refined fuel which can cause no harm to your vehicle or any of its components. A TerraClean service will remove carbon which has built up over time from your vehicle, as well as other contaminents (tars & lacquers) which build up and deteriorate the performance of your vehicle. TerraClean is not a “fix” for a problem, it is a highly effective preventative maintenance service which will help prevent problems occuring, prolong component life and improve the efficiency of your vehicle in terms of performance, fuel economy and emissions.
I Drive A Hybrid, Does It Need A Terra Clean ?
Yes. Hybrid technology and vehicles which use Stop-Go systems to save fuel are inherently prone to carbon build up and will generally develop more carbon deposits than other vehicles with similar mileage.

warranty protection

Terra Clean Servicing your car with us does not invalidate your manufacturer's warranty.