Tyre Checking

Remember to check your tyres. When checking tyre pressures always refer to the owner’s manual. Ensure there’s plenty of tread and no signs of balding or scrubbing on the edges. If there is, it could mean that your vehicle needs realigning or a rubber suspension bush is worn that needs attention. Look at the side of the tyres for cracks, bulges or cuts that could result in a high speed blow out.

We can check each problem, provide you with a quote and get your vehicle safely and quickly back on the road.

Lights and Levels

Due to extended service intervals, it can be up to 12 months between visits to your service centre. It is critical that you carry out regular maintenance checks on your vehicle to ensure your oil and coolant levels are correct, your washer bottle is full and all lights are working correctly.

If you’re unsure how to check these items yourself, just pop in when it suits you. We’ll either show you how to do it, or one of our technicians will do these checks for you to ensure you have peace of mind at all times.

Air-Conditioning Checks

For keeping cool in hot summer or having clear demisted windows in cold British winter, a well maintained and serviced air conditioning system is essential for your comfort and safety. We recommend that your air-con system is visually checked at your annual vehicle service and serviced every two years.

Christian Cars offers advanced leak detection and anti-fungal treatment for your air conditioning system.

Performance Enhancement

At Christian Cars, we can do lot of things to make your car run better, whether it’s a petrol or diesel engine. Tuning modules can improve the torque and performance of your car, increase fuel economy, and improve throttle response, resulting in a smoother drive.

Timing Belts and Timing Chains

Timing belts have a specified age or mileage after which a change is required to avoid potential breakdowns or high costs. The age or mileage limit is usually displayed in your owners handbook.

Timing chains are now the preferred method. With chains you will receive a warning that there’s an issue, this will be either a fault light on the dash related to engine management or the chain becomes very noisy, a metallic rattle especially from cold starting is the first sign of any potential issues.

A member or our team will be able to advise you of any repair or replacement and the costs involved. Included in your quote are all the required replacement parts including guides, tensioners, water pumps (that are also driven by the belt), or your alternator drive belt required to keep the chain or belt in correct working order.